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  The tunes & lyrics of these tracks are my own except for Dink's Song (trad), Travellin' Riverside
(Robert Johnson) and Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (attr. Morganfield) and I play all the instruments except for
the hip hop drum sample on Slab City - which came free with Future Music magazine. I'm playing,
in various combinations:- National Tricone & Gold Tone PBS resonator guitars, Lowden 023c and
Cuervo guitars, Indian harmonium, piano, saz (with bow on Slab City ), morin khuur, GeorgeBoards
lap steel, Spanish lute, Turkish fiddle, cümbüs, clay pot drum, frame drum, harmonica and Fender
Jazz bass. My slides are made by Diamond Bottlenecks.
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Link to Ouse Delta Blues 1 video Ouse Delta Blues#1

Soul of a Man


Bedspread Song

Link to Ouse Delta Blues 2 video Ouse Delta Blues#2
I Went (2:05)

Dink's Song

Liar Song

Link to Cocaine Video Cocaine
Slab City

Redemption Hymn (2:30)

Entropy Blues (3:04)

Link to DADGAD Video DADGAD Blues
Rollin' and Tumblin' (2:27)

Rubber on the Road (3:58)

Travellin' Riverside (3:18)

Winchester Wineman